Wellness Tips

The doggy health battle

I'm a dog, which means I love car rides.  But on this particular day in May 2014 things felt a bit different when mum and dad put me in the car.  Granted, I hadn't felt well lately and lost quite a bit of weight. I weighted 24 kgs, when I should have weighed about 30 kgs. There had been extra visits to the vets; new pills shoved down my throat; and unbeknownst to me I was leaking urine.

20 steps to a clean dog

On a beautiful summer-like day my humans found the need to bathe me.  Did I smell extra funky? No.  Did I roll in something gross?  No.  Nope, my humans just decided to wake me from my slumber and put me through pure torture. While I am a water dog and love swimming in the sea, there is something about water coming out of a long hose that puts my tail straight between legs.