Travel Tips

Road Trips with Dogs - Tips from Jessie the Chessie

Hitting the road with the wind blowing through my fur is one of my favourite past times. Scratch that. That's the dream I had last night. Actually, my humans don't allow me to stick my head out the window because they worry something might fly into my eyes. . . thanks for looking out for me humans.  

6 Essentials for a day hike

Whether you and your human family are enjoying the warm days of the northern hemisphere summer or the chilly days of the southern hemisphere winter, a hike through the woods is always a great idea.  To help you prepare for your next hike, below are seven essential items to take with you.

Hunting for dog-friendly accommodation

Have you ever sniffed something in the air, but couldn't put your finger on what it was?  Well, that's happened to me plenty of times. Usually it ends up being a stinky fart of Jackman's, but not this time. Instead it smelled of frustration from my humans. Huh?

6 Essentials when flying with your dog

Both our chessies have enjoyed the luxury of cargo class when we travel in New Zealand.  We have learned that whether it's their first time flying or their seasoned professional the experience is stressful for your dog.  We compiled a list of  things that works for our chessies before, during and after any flight.  It's our aim to make the flying experience better for you, your dogs and those that handle them at the airport.

7 Essentials for Dog Homestay Accommodation

On a rare occasion when our humans go on holiday they leave me and Jackman behind.  However, they make sure that we are well look after where ever we stay.  For those that have not used a dog homestay before or are unsure if it is the right option for you dog, we’ve put together a list of essentials when booking your four-legged family member in a homestay.