Training Tips

Tips to prepare your dogs for your new addition

Every once in a while our humans surprise me and my brother Jackman. Surprise they did when we figured out that mum's belly was growing with a two-legged sibling for us. Through research, reading and observation we and our human parents discovered 6 tips to help prepare us for our new baby sister that we'd like to share in order to help other dog families.   

Tips to introduce a new pack member

Jackman Telluride here, Jessie's new little brother and guest blogger today on adding a new puppy to an established pack. It feels like only yesterday that I joined my new pack.  Yet, more than 5 months has passed. While my experience meeting Jessie was a bit unique there are key takeaways, which I'm sharing today, that many can use when introducing a new member to their pack.

How to overcome fear aggression in your dog

Hi!  My name is Jessie and I am a fear aggressive dog.  Wow that feels good to get that off my furry chest.

To be more specific I'm a fear aggressive dog when I'm with my parents in public.  My poor humans love me so much that there must be something inside me that makes me feel like I have to protect them all the time.  

A walk through a dog's eyes

The mornings my human mum takes me out on a walk I am the most excited dog in the world.  The excitement is so overwhelming sometimes that my parents think I'm little bit bonkers.  They might not be too far off.  The sound of mum's alarm is my alarm too.  As mum walks out her bedroom our conversation begins.Me:  Yay, yay, mum's coming to get me!  Oh boy oh boy oh boy!  I can't wait!