Dog Parks and Beaches

Review: Greytown Dog Park, Greytown

Since our family moved out of the big city of Wellington for the quiet country life of Greytown, Jackman and I spend most of our days chasing birds, eating grass, sleeping and playing with each other all in the pleasure of our big backyard.  So the idea of a going to a dog park isn't really that appealing to us. We decided that instead of checking out the Greytown Dog Park ourselves, we would send our human mum to investigate and report back to us. 

Review:  Charles Plimmer Park, Mt. Victoria, Wellington

I really want to give this park a higher tail wag rating than a three.  How could I not.  The park is doggy heaven with the endless grassy field for me to run around and roll my scent all over. There are bushes to explore, while there are great areas to hide.

Review:  Cog Park, Evans Bay, Wellington

When I don't get to play with my mates at doggy daycare my humans take me here for a morning run around. Early weekday mornings are great because the park is not jam packed with other dogs and the dogs that do visit are regulars like me so we've already done all the butt sniffing business. Over the weekend mum decided to take me there around 8:30 am. . . this is late in my book. I couldn't believe I had the park all to myself. . . the whole big grassy and muddy area. 

5 Tips to enjoy a visit to the dog park

The other day at the dog park, Charles Plimmer Park, our pack, me, Jackman and our human dad were running around the park chasing tennis balls when another dog and its humans arrived.   While my human is the alpha of our pack, or at least working to be that, the "carer" in me went into protective mode.  This side of me is very different to my typical gentle giant self. Yes, we are highly social species, but only to those in our pack.