Carrot Goodness

Growing up our mum's dogs loved carrots.  To them a carrot complimented their dinner as a perfect dessert.  It was a healthy way for mum and her family to reward their dogs without the extra calories.

When we learned that I put on too much extra weight after a weight-gain plan due to my chronic colitis, mum made this carrot recipe.

This is the easiest recipe ever.  If your family grows their own carrots, once they plant the seeds, then you can make it without human help.  Plus, the benefits to us dogs and our bond with our humans are greater.


  • Carrots are a healthy alternative to high caloric treats that might inhibit a dog's weight loss
  • A great way for humans to reward their dogs when training
  • Humans can eat them too.  
  • The health benefits for dogs include: improved eyesight, natural teeth cleaner, low fat, high in vitamin A and beta carotene.  
  • The crunch of the carrot is an attention grabber for us opportunistic creatures.  


Carrots - that's it! Nothing more, nothing less.


If you don't have a vegetable garden with carrots, then you'll need your humans to complete the first four steps for you. 

  • Go to grocery store
  • Grab a basket
  • Fill basket with carrots
  • Checkout and pay
  • Put carrots, except one, in your fridge
  • Cut up carrot
  • Call your dog and give them a command, e.g. sit, down, paw
  • On execution of said command reward with carrot
  • Repeat as desired. Always ask your dog to earn their treats, do not give them out freely

Result: the dogs want more and will do almost anything their humans ask to get more.   

Remember moderation is key.  Too much of anything can be a bad thing.  Otherwise, you end up like me, diet dog.

Let us know how you liked the carrots in the comment below. 

Until next time.