Spotlight on Wellness

Rehoming a Dog Part 1

What does it feel like when you rehome a dog? The emotions that come with the territory. This is the first of a multi-part series on rehoming a dog. 

My first Thanksgiving after starting my freshman year of university I returned home to visit friends and family over the festive season and to say goodbye to our 12 year-old Newfoundland, Laurel, who was on her last legs. My heart ached knowing how difficult it would be to say goodbye to my family’s beloved companion for 12 years.

Fat dog goes on diet

I didn't mean to get fat. It wasn't something I planned. My diet had not changed. In fact, since moving house my exercise regime increased, chasing my younger fur brother, Jackman, and playing fetch with our humans. So where did this extra weight come from? While that is still an unsolved mystery we have learned how to loose and keep the weight off.

What's in my dog's food?

Are you a label reader like me? I label read all the time. At the grocery store, the pharmacy, the clothes shop. It's second nature. I like to know the make-up of the food, medicine, clothes and other things my family and I use in everyday life. We do the same for our dogs. It got me wondering, how many other dog owners read the labels of their dogs' products, especially dog food? People care about what goes into their food and their families' food, but do we show the same care for our dogs and what they eat?

How we helped our human achieve her blogging goal

WARNING! The following post is not related to travelling with your dog or living the dog lifestyle. Rather, it's an opportunity for us to brag about how proud we are of our human mum.