The Doggy Health Battle

May 2014

I'm a dog, which means I love car rides.  But on this particular day in May 2014 things felt a bit different when mum and dad put me in the car.  Granted, I hadn't felt well lately and lost quite a bit of weight. I weighted 24 kgs, when I should have weighed about 30 kgs. There had been extra visits to the vets; new pills shoved down my throat; and unbeknownst to me I was leaking urine.

When we arrived at our destination, Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, it was me against four humans. . .my parents and two vets.  The signs that things weren't right included:

  1. The extra vet in the room
  2. The poking, the prodding, and things stuck up my bum.  
  3. And, mum and dad didn’t take me with them when they left. 

For the rest of my visit I was poked and prodded more; my belly, chest and parts of my leg shaved; I was placed under big machines; and had gel rubbed over me. While it was weird, it wasn’t much of a bother because everyone gave me lots of love.  I’m a sucker for cuddles and petting.  

By the time the next afternoon came I was ready to get out of there and wondered where my parents were.  Were they going to come get me?  What happens if they forgot about me?  Or, maybe they tricked me here and these vets were going to practice experiments on me and turn me into Frankendoggy.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!  My overactive imagination was getting the better me.

Then I was lead away for what I thought was another round of poking and prodding.  On the contrary.  As I was walked down the corridor a familiar scent was in the air.  Mum and dad!!!!!  You didn’t forget me!  The overly boisterous jumping, tail wagging, cries of excitement were justified. They were pretty excited to see me too.  They also felt more relaxed.

At home I sniffed everything in sight. Then came the pill taking which now included a horrible tasting liquid squirted down my throat. . yuck. Dinner consisted of the usual boring kibble with the addition of a bland powdery substance that  stuck to my whiskers and chin.  After dinner I curled up in my bed and snuggled with my stuff toy, Ducky.

Almost two years later I weigh 34.5 kgs. . . that's a bit too much weight, but I feel heaps better.  My diet now consists of frozen meat and vegetables, which is tastier than the tasteless kibble.  The medicine to treat my incontinence works wonders.  More importantly, my humans understand how to manage by tummy flair ups, which are few and far between.   It's an ongoing battle, but I definitely feel that we’re finally winning and I can see it with mum and dad too.

Brief note on Jessie’s diagnosis from Massey University via her mum

The specialists at Massey diagnosed Jessie with chronic colitis and spay urinary incontinence.  Her incontinence is being treated with Propalin.  Initially we were against the medications because of the side effects, but the results have been amazing.  So far no side effects.  If you think you’re dog is suffering from any health issues please see your vet.  You are your dog’s voice.  If the vet doesn’t listen to you keep pushing or look for a new vet.

We are especially thankful to the our vet at Central Vets, in Brooklyn, who listened to us and worked with us to achieve a happy outcome for Jessie.  We also are thankful to the specialists at Massey who took an in-depth look at all of Jessie’s issues and presented us with a manageable way forward.