Why Alongtail was started

The smell of excitement was in the air.  But, it wasn't coming from me.  It was coming from my humans.  Why?  I sniffed all over the house trying to discover what their excitement was about. And still I couldn't figure it out.  Little did I know that my humans were planning a road trip and they were taking me too.  Wahooooo!!!! This was going to be awesome.  I wondered where we were going and what I could take.  Last time we took a road trip I got to run all over these big green fields (aka a golf course) and play in this really cold white stuff for the first time (aka snow).  If that trip was anything to go by then this trip was going to be just as good.

Soon the smell of excitement was overtaken by frustration from  my parents as they tried to find a places along the route that would take me.  Who wouldn't want such a cute adorable dog to stay at their place?

The trip was fast approaching, in human time, and still the frustration was the in the air.  In dog time it felt like months until we were going to leave.  Most evenings my parents sat intently staring at the laptop thing.  When they put it down I snuck a peak to see what they were doing. So many pages were open:

There was also a map with Taupo, Ohakune, Raetihi and Auckland highlighted.  When I saw Auckland I immediately knew that this trip was all for me.  It was trip to visit my Auntie Teresa (aka my dog breeder), my dad (Drift) and my cousins.  This was getting better by the dog minute.  Come on humans find us a Jessie-friendly place.  How hard could it be.  The hunt was definitely harder than my humans anticipated.  They navigated between the websites, emailed places, called places, checked more websites.  Not only did the extra navigation make  the hunt a long and arduous one, it was not having all the details that came with a dog-friendly place.  Could I stay inside?  Or, was I going to be relegated to outside. . .the horror for an inside dog like myself? All I could do was sit and wait for the frustration smell change back to excitement or calm.

Just when I thought my humans were going to give up their hunt and road trip without me the smell in the air changed to calmed and relaxed.  They found a place in Taupo and they were taking me back to that great place with huge green fields in Raetihi.  Phewww,  that was a close one.

My humans learned a few things from this experience:

  • When travelling with your beloved dog, like me, start planning early
  • Know the type of accommodation you want, and
  • When you find the right place ask the following questions:
    • Can my dog be left by themselves?
    • Is there an extra charge for bringing my dog?  If so, what?
    • Is the dog allowed inside?
    • Are there other dogs staying while my dog will be there?
    • What happens if my dog has an accident inside?
    • Do they need to kept in a crate?

When you travel with your dog what questions do you ask?  Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, woof, woof.

Jessie, the chessie