Easy Homemade Carrot Goodness for Your Dog

Growing up our mum's dogs loved carrots.  To them a carrot complimented their dinner as a perfect dessert.  It was a healthy way for mum and her family to reward their dogs without the extra calories.

When we learned that I put on too much extra weight after a weight-gain plan due to my chronic colitis, mum made this carrot recipe.

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The Doggy Health Battle

I'm a dog, which means I love car rides.  But on this particular day in May 2014 things felt a bit different when mum and dad put me in the car.  Granted, I hadn't felt well lately and lost quite a bit of weight.

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Why Alongtail was started

The smell of excitement was in the air.  But, it wasn't coming from me.  It was coming from my humans.  Why?  I sniffed all over the house trying to discover what their excitement was about. And still I couldn't figure it out.  Little did I know that my humans were planning a road trip and they were taking me too.  Wahooooo!!!! 

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